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An October 2022 fundraiser at Troutdale Tavern raised more than $5,000 in food proceeds and tips and about $11,000 with donations added in! Thanks to Craig Caldwell for his generosity in holding this event.

The Evergreen Legacy Fund, along with the EHS Mural Club, EHS art teacher extraordinaire (Sarah Grundemann), renowned Denver muralist (Bobby McGee Lopez), and the Evergreen Metro District, were thrilled to unveil the new mural at the bottom of the dam during the Chamber ribbon cutting ceremony today...

"Evergreen Blooms at the Dam!"

If you haven't seen it yet, be sure to take a look next time you drive by or take a walk around the lake .

We'd like to thank our tenacious board member, Gail Riley, for getting this wonderful addition to downtown Evergreen accomplished! 

For the Love of Evergreen...

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