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"Pandora & I are impressed and more than pleased with the vision, mission, effort and resilience of the Evergreen Legacy Fund peeps. Having lived and worked in our beloved community for over twenty-five years, I have come to understand the difficulty of bringing commercial property owners, proprietors, Jeffco, EPRD, Denver Mountain Parks  and state agencies together to make things happen. The formation of ELID is a God-send, and the list of much-needed projects proposed will soon become reality and will make our world safer and more beautiful. Hats off to you… we stand with you and are happy to partner with you!


—John & Pandora Erlandson

PandoraJohnProperties at Madison & Co

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“I am so pleased to be associated with the Evergreen Legacy Fund and the outstanding group of leaders who have taken the initiative to promote safety and access for our community.  Previous projects as well as the ones getting underway will have a positive impact on our residents for years to come!”  


—Michelle Robbins

RPM Agency

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"The Evergreen Legacy Fund is an inspired & innovative way for unincorporated towns like Evergreen to get projects done that would otherwise be overlooked by the county government.  A safe community with people-friendly infrastructure strengthens housing values and that’s good for everyone.  We have witnessed the long hours, many meetings and tireless efforts of the founding members of ELF who put this program together and we heartily support their excellent work going forward. "


—Tupper Briggs

Realtor Emeritus

Tupper’s Team

Madison & Co. Properties

"I’m proud to be a part of the Evergreen Legacy Fund because this small amount of money is stretched to the max with grant matching (that amazing volunteer business owners work tirelessly for!).  It’s so easy to collect this small fee that no one seems to mind paying and that makes a huge impact!  This small town pays a fraction of the tax that other communities pay thanks to the Evergreen Legacy Fund! Just another reason why I love to live here! People coming together to make this town beautiful and special!!!"

—Marian Burgess

Owner, Alpine Ridge Salon

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"The improvements that are initiated and completed by the Evergreen Legacy Fund create a safer, more enjoyable environment for local residents and for all who visit our beautiful mountain community. The organized efforts of the Evergreen Legacy Fund is the driving force, and exemplary voice to make this necessary and critical difference in our unincorporated town. We are grateful to be a contributing partner.”  


—Tiffani Packer

Owner, Murphy's Mountain Grill